When everything started..



Finally the day arrived. After weeks of troubles and dreams, finally I was there. Where? In the Venezia-Mestre railway station, waiting for my train at the platform 6.

It was a quite warm rainy day, something usual in my region in September. The day was the 3rd of September 2014, how to forget it? I was waiting my train to Brescia, where I had to take another one to Bergamo, city where my flight to Santander was. Although it was early morning, I was feeling awake and of course exited, because I was starting the adventure called Erasmus.

In the train everything gone well, and also the weather got better.. Not more clouds and rain but a very nice sun was shining over Bergamo. I came in few minutes at the airport, where I had a lot of time to eat and relax, because my flight was around the 2 p.m. When the gate opened and the queue started going on, I felt so exited, because that door was where everything would be begin. That was the last moment on the italian ground, the next would have been in Spain, 1200 km far from there.

I went into the plane and I started looking for my seat, the number 15A of the flight FR4792. “Oh it’s there on the right, just nearby the window, perfect!” I thought when I found it. My adventure could finally start.
Despite I tried to sleep, my mind was not in the mood to be turned off, so a lot of thoughts bombed my head and I didn’t notice that the flight was ending.

The plane was landing and 1510835_10203614288339510_8100237795156872078_nI finally could admire that incredible coastline, nearby Santander, faced on the Cantabric Sea. High cliffs were drawing the border between water and earth, something beautiful, overall seen from a plane.

At the aiport my buddy was waiting for me to bring me to Bilbao, the final destination of my trip. He is a very kind guy, ready to help you, but when he asked me about the address of my hostel and he understood that I hadn’t booked something for the night, I could read on his eyes a mix of fear, disappointment and  anxiety. I am still sorry for this fact, Daniel! So I said to him to go to the central railway station of Bilbao, and maybe there I would been able to find a hostel.

There was a little big problem. There was one of the elimination pools of the FIBA World Championship, the one in which the USA National Team was playing, right there, in Bilbao, perfect. It meaned that everything was already booked or the prices for an available room were too high. “Nice start” I thought. Thanks to the tourist office, I found 3/4 hostels that could have an available room and the second that i tried offered me a triple room completely available, at a very low price. I was desperate so I accepted, with the intention to move to a single room the day after.

IMG_0175The things started going better, finally I was walking in Bilbao and I knew where I would sleep that night, that was definetely the best thing in that moment. I had a very good dinner in a restaurant that was situated just in front of the hostel, the name of it was “Kasko”, because it was situated in the Casco Viejo, the oldest part of the city, in Andra (street) Santa Maria. I can’t forget that place, and the dinners that I had there.. ok, it was quite expensive, but the quality of the food was incredible.

10915174_10203881364576249_8989224683342501103_nBefore going to bed, I decided to explore a bit the city, so I had a walk along the river and I could admire the Guggenhem Museum by night
and I enjoyed a lot that walk, unaware that it would be one of my favourite  streets to come back to my flat in the nights that I would spend out during my stay in Bilbao. I came back to the hostel and I felt asleep almost immediately, ready to face my real first time in that new city.


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